Vegan: Try it for a Month

The vegan lifestyle is one that has grown increasingly tantalizing to people across the globe. The rise of the internet and social media, for example, has helped to educate more individuals on how animals are treated to provide food for human beings. While many people have made the full conversion to veganism, plenty of others wish that they could do so, but they find such a challenge overly arduous. Part of the problem lies in complete elimination. Waking up one morning and never eating an animal product again is not impossible, but doing so is surely difficult. Instead, interested parties can take the process step by step.

Eliminating one meat product, for example, is a good way to start. Some people decide that they will stop eating beef because they have problems with cholesterol or their hearts; others will opt to avoid pork products due to their love for pigs. Making more animal-friendly choices can then come more naturally. Before long, people will have found substitutes for all of their meat products; then, they can move on to other animal-based products. Eliminating food in groups is another idea that is similar to this one, but does require more of a commitment.

For example, some individuals will want to try this Eggless May from Hampton Creek. Giving up eggs for an entire month will force participants to look into other types of products. Not only may they discover that these products provide them with pleasing tastes, but they will also likely learn about other food and recipes that can fit in with their new diets. When people think of vegan diets, they often envision a very limited and narrow world of possibilities; reducing their diets step by step helps those with this mindset to see that plenty of options are available. In fact, they may learn about foods that they never knew existed in the past. Some people will want to eliminate other groups of foods entirely, such as milk products or all meat. Giving up a food product for a month is helpful because it reminds individuals that an end is in view. However, by the time that finish line is reached, many may not even want to return to the start.